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The Great Wealth Transfer (Part 1 of Many)

In Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “The Conspiracy of the Rich- The 8 New Rules of Money”, Kiyosaki gives a no holds barred account of the factual, historical events that shaped today’s economy, financial, and education systems. This post is a summary based on this must read book (Read more…)


Stop Using Social Media This Way To Build Your MLM Network Marketing Business

Whew, just escaped a biz opp pitch fest on Twitter. If you’re in MLM Network Marketing and I introduce myself to you in person, are you going to shake my hand and immediately start vomiting your biz pitch all over me?

Is that any way to build a relationship? People don’t join companies, they join people. You wouldn’t strip naked or propose marriage the first time you meet your dream date, would you (If “yes”, seek help now)?

And people wonder why MLM/Network Marketing gets such a bad rap. The MLM and network marketing companies aren’t the problem, it’s the reps who, out of desperation and a sense of lack (instead of abundance), spew their “best opportunity ever” pitch to friends, family, and anyone who will listen.

Why is this the worst possible way to go about building a MLM network marketing business?  (Read more…)


Numis Network- Gold And Silver Coins Merged With Network Marketing?

Is there anyone these days who doesn’t desire wealth? Not too many of us I would imagine.

There is a company making waves in the network marketing industry for bringing together two phenomenal concepts – collecting graded gold and silver coins through a multilevel marketing channel.

If you think about it the strategy is simply brilliant.

People love to collect gold and silver coins (can you go anywhere today and not hear or read about the popularity of gold and silver?).  (Read more…)


MLM Network Marketing And The Entrepreneur Mindset

When you leave the world of “9 to 5″ to become an entrepreneur you’re embarking on a journey of self discovery and self development. Starting your own business will expose your strong points along with every weakness you have.

In MLM network marketing, the only thing that can hold you back is you.  There are no technical issues, company issues or problems with other people that can halt your progress.  All of those things can be overcome.

Every obstacle can be overcome but all roads point back to you if you’re not having success.

What Do You Want?  (Read more…)


Numis Network Review: Is Numis A Viable Home Business Opportunity?

There has been a lot of talk and controversy about the “new kid on the block” in network marketing, Numis Network.  If this is an opportunity you’re evaluating I want you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Therefore I’ve taken the time to put together a Numis Network Review for your convenience.

What Kind Of Opportunity Are You Looking For?

The majority of us out there have a desire for riches and more free time, the goal to possess everything life could give.  Do you?  (Read more…)


MLM Secrets: Take Care of Your A** (Donkey)

There’s a great story that speaks to the importance of being true to yourself and not trying to please everyone all the time in your MLM network marketing business.  I enjoyed it and I think you will too.

Walking with the Donkey

An old man and a young man are traveling with a donkey. As they approached the nearest town they with their donkey, the local school children began to pass them, giggling, laughing, and saying, “Look at these fools. They have a strong donkey with them and they are walking. At least the old man could sit on the donkey.”

Pleasing the Crowd

Listening to those children the old man and the young man asked, “What should we do?  (Read more…)


MLM Secrets- Control Your Emotions

Yesterday I shared with you some of my thoughts on success in MLM, and in life in general. Is it our responsibility, or is it up to someone else? As a home business owner I believe that it is up to us to make it happen.

Control Your Reactions

You can’t control everything in your life; you can only control your direction. Just like a sailor can’t control the wind, but he can control his sails.  We can’t control every circumstance, but we can control how we react to these circumstances. No matter how hard we try, we can’t control things like weather, natural disasters, and how other people act, but we can respond in a productive or non- productive way.  How do you respond?  (Read more…)

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